Whatever happens, happens for a reason. We all know that kind of attitude towards life. But do we understand the message? Really? I don’t think so.

We, the human beings, we make it easy for us. We interpret the unfortunate things in life like this. Step 1. Something happens to us! Step 2. It happened for a reason. We have to deal with it. We have to find a way out.

The problem? That’s the wrong mindset. This is the mindset of a victim. But we are creators, not victims. Therefore, the interpretation should be like this. 1. Our behavior lead us to a certain moment in life. 2. Something happens because of our behavior.

Photo by Soumil Kumar on Pexels.com

Do you see the difference? Do you notice the change in your mindset? Do you realize the opportunity? If you interpret it like the first guy, hell, life must have something against you! It attacks without any reason. But thinking about that, that’s not right! It was your decision to do whatever you did. You have booked the tickets, you have decided to do that kind of sport. You bought that car. You chose this job over the other. You did not do sport in the last 20 years. Just pick something you like. The reasons are always there!

Stand to your decisions. Face the challenges the right way. Change something to make it better.

See you next time!

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