It’s not that COVID-19 is the main topic of my life, but at least in the last three days it really got hold on me. Sure, I was sick before some time in my life and I probably will be sick in the future once more, but with a virus like this, it just feels different. From not being able to leave the house to all sorts of other problems. Sure, the word “problem” depends on your current view on life and my situation might not even being close to a problem compared to your situation, but at least for me, being sick with this virus is a problem.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I guess you can understand why I don’t feel like blogging these days in the way I used to do, but my health is more important anyways. I am going to get back into bed any time soon! The fever is over, sure, but the other things stayed. Well, lets hope for the best! Soon I will be back in the game!

See you next time!

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