Every 60 seconds we celebrate a minute. Every 60 minutes we celebrate an hour. Every 24 hours we celebrate a day… actually we do not celebrate. But why do we celebrate the new year after 12 months then?

Life itself is a circle. Marked by a start and a finish. It is the time in-between those two days that defines our life. Ok, it does not define our life, it just limits our time.

What is your answer to this question? “WHY AM I HERE?”

The funny thing about this? In life there is no right or wrong. However you will answer this question, nobody, and I really mean that, nobody will know if you are right or wrong. Therefore, this question, even if it sounds a bit silly at first sight, is indeed the most important question of your life. Why? Because it defines who you are and what you are going to do.

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Fun fact. If there is no way to proof if an answer is right or wrong, the answer can change. I know, we do not experience this in every day life situations, but you will accept it. If there is no way to know what is right or wrong, why can’t we change our answer from time to time? Of course we can! And nobody, including us will ever know the truth.

In life we do something because we believe in doing it. We want something. We desire something. Somebody convinces us to do something. Whatever it is, later in life our opinion may change. The sportscar is suddenly unimportant once your kids are born. The house nearby your parents becomes unattractive because your parents do not life any longer. As the time moves on, we move on as well. Situations change. Circumstances change. Everything is changing.

And so, we start again and again and again. We always have the same idea in mind, the same goal, the same outcome planned. But the approach is changing. I guess that’s just life, but a lot of people do not find the time to see that. They are just hustling through their days and forgot about their goals a long time ago.

See you next time!

The question

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