It’s important to look ahead. It’s important to go with the trend. But wait a second. Is this really what we need? Or isn’t the next best thing already the outdated the moment we hear about it?

This world is an ever-changing environment. Never ever in history was there a time with more information than today. But more information does not necessarily imply better information. In fact there are coming so many news our way, we have to filter out 99,9999% of it, there is no way around that. And so the next big hype is not really the thing we hear all about in the news. No, the next big thing is the one nobody is talking about yet.

Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Pexels.com

The future stays uncertain, even though certain trends seem to be too obvious to miss the world stage. But do we react accordingly? Would we swim against the stream? Or do we want to enjoy our good life without the risk of loosing it all? In life there is always a next big thing, why can’t we miss out on this one?

A new invention, rule set, or change of a general situation, a war, a recession, you name it. Some opportunities drown, others flourish. We have to find our way through the jungle of information. Investing is a marathon not a sprint. But do we even want to invest our hard earned money?

The next big hype is the thing nobody talks about today. It’s either pure luck or confidence in our own feelings. It’s the right mindset at the right time that makes the difference. It’s you doing what you love and not what others advise you to do. It’s either living the dream or dreaming about the life you will never have. The next big hype is you! You can change your life today. You can flip the world upside down. It takes so little. A tiny step for you, but a big one for your future.

See you next time!

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