I know that my attitude towards life was always different. I guess it’s in my nature to question anything and everything around me. And so, I have never understood those special holidays.

Having a holiday for religious reasons, ok, fine! Having some national holidays to celebrate a certain event from the past, please, go for it! But all those other special days? Come on! You can’t be serious.

I have never understood the reason for celebrating someones birthday. I even think that the way we are counting our age is wrong after all. But this is not even todays topic. Today is all about those weird special days they have invented to … Actually, that’s were it all starts. Why do we even have them? Is there really a need to have a special day for a particular topic?

According to the World Wide Web today is the international “Monty Python Status Day”, the US national “Windmill Day” and the US “Clean Up Your Room Day”. Wow, what would we do today without those special reasons to celebrate?

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Is it really just me that wonders what is going wrong in this world? Why do we do this? WHY? JUST WHY?

Is there a special day to celebrate the introduction of special celebration days? Is there a single day in the calendar on which we do not celebrate anything? Is there anyone else out there suffering from the same problems as I do? Or am I really the only one having time to think about something like that?

My concept for the future. I will introduce my own special days. Why? Why not! If others could do that in the past, I can do that for myself! Life is always better with a routine, therefore why don’t I introduce my own special days, like the “Visit The Porsche Museum Day” or giving each Porsche 911 generation a special day or even week to celebrate its existence. Actually, I think that is a great idea! I will just do that! Life is so great once you understand that you can do whatever you want.

See you next time!

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