Bye bye home office? No! But bye bye 100% home office.

Starting from Juli last year I worked in the home office all the time. I was in the office on two occasions, but compared to the 10 month that have passed this is relatively speaking nothing. COVID-19 is of course not gone and we are far away from being over it, but it is getting ignored in Germany, at least for the moment. Is this the right step to take, honestly I am not convinced, but it is not my job to decide. My company has decided to send us back to the office and up we go.

Does it make sense? Yes and no. I can understand the arguments the company has presented. It’s always something else to meet people in person. But in my case with the job I am doing this is a pain in the ass. I live far away from work and therefore I have to travel there by car and need a place to sleep. With the current fuel prices being way above the 2 euros per liter mark this is of course not only expensive for me to drive there every week, but it is also not really meeting the CO2 neutral ness the company claims to focus on.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I can do two home office days in a week. It’s fair, don’t get me wrong on that and maybe just maybe I can go to a different facility that is a bit closer to home, therefore everything is fine. It’s just not really helping me to get more efficient at work. Working on my projects alone anyways, meeting up with people in the office is not really helping me to speed up things. On the contrary, being in the office means I have to talk with people about their private life and stuff. Sure, that makes a lot of fun, true, but is not really helping me to get done with my tasks.

And true, if my colleagues chose other days to be in the office I will not even see them. Well, time will tell.

See you next time!

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