Who would have guessed that automatic cars will take over the world one day? Ok, they do not literally take over the world, at least not with the current autonomous driving performances, but I was of course referring to the car market here in Germany.

Since my Golf said goodbye in a spectacular fashion my new car is, due to the hybrid system, an automatic car. It’s comfy, it’s so stress free, it shifts perfectly but there is something missing in the equation. The engagement is just not the same. You do not have to think about anything. Just get behind the steering wheel and drive.

My parents both a manual car today and sure I drive them from time to time but these are just every day cars. Nothing too spectacular, therefore I was quite happy that I could drive a tuned Ford Focus ST on the weekend. And of course it was a manual!

True, a sports exhaust increases the driving experience, when the crackling noise of the misfires lighten up your face with a smile, but still not every car makes you feel connected and in control. The car wasn’t slow and the grip kind of ok, but only the engagement with the short sifter manual gearbox made my day. God I miss driving a manual car.

My next car should be manual one again? I guess so! My current Audi drives just too perfect! Of course that is relaxing and makes commuting to work or wherever you go kind of simple, but at least on the weekend I am definitely missing out on something.

Well, I guess it will take some time until I am back into a manual car again, at least if we ignore the simulator for a while.

See you next time!

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