There is always a reason for doing something, but when is it the right reason?

We go through this life thinking that we know what we want. We do what we do. You better not question the status quo. But what is life all about? Honestly, we don’t know. Either that or we forgot. We run from one day to the other not really understanding a thing. We want, we need, we expect. Fine! But does that even make sense?

There is not such a thing as the truth. You can’t understand life. You can’t escape. Therefore we do not even try! We don’t want to understand. We don’t want to know. We just do what we think is the right thing for us to do.

But I can’t follow you guys. I can’t go back. I was away for too long. This system doesn’t make sense. This world doesn’t make sense. Whatever we do, however we decide, this means the world to us, but not to the world.

Knowing what you want is the first step. Getting there the second. But what is in between? A long mile or two. The path towards the success. The valley of doubts and worries. But the goal is not to reach the end, the goal is to keep on walking.

See you next time!

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