We have all worked in some kind of a job. I for my part have worked in three different companies so far already. What I have seen there is amazing. But what really strikes me are the parallels. How can it be that two different kind of companies with different employees, products, customers and markets share the same problems?

The truth is, a company doesn’t want to know the truth.

I have never seen a company that deals openly about their own problems. Companies don’t do that by themselves. They hire companies to do that. Consulting, you know! But honestly, they change nothing! They keep their processes. They keep their rhythm. They keep on doing what they have been doing for so long.

Sure, sometimes that is not even a problem. Companies can survive for decades just doing that. But one day or another they will fail. Not because they couldn’t avoid it in the first place, but because they don’t want to hear it.

It’s fascinating but really strange. Or am I the only one wondering? There is so much potential to grow, to improve, to make things better. But companies do not see that. They keep on doing what they are already doing. Sure, not my problem but it hurts. Seeing companies going down isn’t fun but a part of reality. They rather go down in flames and finding excuses why they couldn’t when the problems were already obvious for years. Well, what do I care? Why do I even think about that?

See you next time!

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