In society we talk openly about discrimination and prejudices. Black people, gay people, people that are different, you know the game. But what if you are getting discriminated by an official part of Germany like the tax office which means FINANZAMT in German?

It was funny in the beginning, true! We thought that this couldn’t be true. Some interesting phone calls with interesting opinions and statements you wouldn’t believe a person from the Finanzamt would actually tell you. But hey, life is so short. We have to move on, right? Right! But only as long as our rights are getting accepted and we are all treated equal.

I have learned from past mistakes. I send them everything I have to tell them and even add the information I do not have to share but know they will ask for anyways. But even that doesn’t seem to be enough. I don’t know, maybe the Finanzamt is treating everyone like that, but I hardly think so.

But after all those years, honestly, I feel discriminated! The way the Finanzamt has treated me in the past and is treating again is unacceptable. The only problem? You can’t do anything about it! Sure, you can get a lawyer and do stuff the hard way, but honestly I do not want to waste my time with that. Therefore the solution is quite simple, I have to play their game.

I don’t know if COVID-19 is one of those things the German tax office has never heard about before, but the request they have send me recently, hilarious. I have respect for everyones work and of course, if you have a question, go ahead and ask. But honestly, wtf? For the future I know one thing. We will see us again! Can’t wait for the difficulties the Finanzamt will put in my way in the future. Thank god I don’t have my own company yet. Honestly, if it works like that for a 27 year old guy, I don’t want to see the problems you will have with them owning a business or company.

But maybe it’s just my expectation. I attract those silly questions and demands. I wish for the most complicated person in the Finanzamt and get him or her. Well, at least I have something to write about. The world isn’t complicated by itself, we definitely have to make it more complicated by ourselves. I can understand why so many people start to change their mindsets getting treated so differently compared to immigrants. I am not saying that this is ok, but I can see their point. You work hard and have to fight for the little that is supposed to be yours and others get everything and even more.

Well, whatever. I guess my relationship to the Finanzamt will not get any better with my future plans of building a house and stuff like that. Oh my … what am I even doing …

See you next time!

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