With the end of the covid 19 pandemic, or at least with the attempt to forget about it, new work related rules have been introduced at my company. Yay, we are going back to the office! Well, it’s not really a “yay” from my side, but at least I could change the location to a facility that is a bit closer to home. 82 km isn’t close, but I can still do two home office days a week.

It’s fascinating to see, but I was so unproductive last week, you wouldn’t believe it. This week was better, true, but only because I haven’t talked with anybody for much longer than a couple of sentences. Well, it will not harm my reputation I guess, but I can still hardly see a point in this. Meeting with coworkers and stuff is one thing, agreed! But driving to a facility where everyone in all the buildings are working on completely different products and projects? Well, I do whatever they want, right? And if they want me to be less efficient at work, fine. I will play their game.

Driving 164 km’s a day isn’t a problem at all. It’s fun actually. The Autobahn is unrestricted most of the time and has at least three lanes from start to finish. There are lots of corners and up and downhill sections. The perfect route for a Porsche. Well, I get one sooner or later, I promise! For now the Audi hybrid does a very good job. On Friday I drove as fast as possible, which is sadly only around 220 km/h, but the fuel consumption is still exceptionally good! Honestly, I like this car. True, there is a lot they could do better, but there is also a lot that the car is doing fine.

Sitting in the office and having online meetings from morning till evening makes no sense, but if my company demands it, fine. But I will also demand the things that I want. Let’s see if they are as cooperative as I am.

See you next time!

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