I am a bit late to the party.

True, I have started too late to develop an interest for Porsches being 17 years old in 2012, but ever since the Porsche prices have not really changed a lot. Paying 80k for a standard 991 carrera? I don’t think so. But all the others are even more expensive…

That Porsches are expensive isn’t a secret. But sadly the market is only going up these days. I will get my Porsche one day, sure, but it should be a good investment. Otherwise it doesn’t make as much fun as you might expect it to be. Or maybe that is just me and my way of looking at the topic.

Photo by dylan spangler on Pexels.com

Will the prices go down one day? I mean the fuel prices are through the roof, the speed limit on the Autobahn is just a matter of time. And Germans think a bit differently about spending money as people in other countries. But with the change to electric and hybrid cars in the market, maybe the value of the good old fuel burning cars will increase even further. I guess we will see. The current problems in the automotive industry to assemble cars doesn’t really help and so many people are currently having a need for a car these days.

I guess I will just continue to save up my money and wait for the day when I will see a good car for its value. And that will be a well maintained, low miles, sports version I can also use on the track once the speed limit is really here.

See you next time!

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