Yes, that’s me. That’s my new work life?

That the 100% home office would end one day isn’t a secret. But that it would be like this? Well … Ok … Actually I am speechless…

When there is one thing in the world I can’t stand it is this, inefficiency. Doing something in a way that is clearly not the best, fastest or how ever you want to call it. It physically hurts me. And so driving an hour to the office just to sit there in front of my computer screens and drive back the hour in the evening feels like a pain in the ass. I am literally sitting in an office full of people that do not even remotely do the same as I do. I am just there because I have to but it feels like and is the biggest time loss of my usual life. Six hours wasted. But of course it’s not just that. It makes my day more unproductive. You have to talk with people. You have to interact in conversations. And so I loose time. I am not going to work there 10 hours a day adding the 2 hours of driving there and back which makes 12 hours total. Hell no. I do my 8 hours and that is it. But it doesn’t make life easier. I can’t do my breaks because I can’t finish my work. The people around me distract me during the meetings where I am supposed to work at the same time on other tasks. This whole system doesn’t work. Well, I will give them one more chance. One last time. If not, well, I have to change certain things in my daily life. But you will read about that soon.

Photo by Peter Fazekas on Pexels.com

See you next time!

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