Political correctness. Be a team player. Respect the hierarchy. The list of social norms is long. But who do we become? Slaves of the system? Honestly, I have enough of that. It’s pointless to pretend to share the same opinion with your boss or coworkers when it’s not your opinion after all. It’s pointless to try to impress others with your perfect life when it is not perfect after all. Where is the point in pretending? Why don’t we play with an open deck of cards?

Photo by Mike Chai on Pexels.com

Our career and reputation is on the line. Sometimes it’s better to shut the fuck up and pretend. I know, but doesn’t it feel so wrong? Isn’t that lying to each and everyone but at least to ourselves? I will try to pretend less. Share my opinion and fight back the arguments.

See you next time!

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