#1077² TO THE TOP  ↑² – S2 E6 – TEAM PLAYER

Do it your way, but never walk alone.

There is a difference between “team players” and “team players“. And we all know the difference. One is a member of a team, the other is the team. We have been there, waiting for our selection for the right team in a sport lesson at school. It was important to join our friends, of course, but even more important than that was to join the winning team. But what is a winning team? Does it primarily consist out of the best players on the market? Or is that not even a guarantee for success after all?

The “best team” doesn’t have to be the “best team“. The team members have to work together, in perfect harmony. But in reality we can’t see the teams for the teams. At work, in sports, in our relationship. There are so many teams these days. Where do they start and where does it end?

Being a team player is a, if not, the key to success. Sadly it’s not a subject at school.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

We are expected to work in teams. But who shows us how to behave? What are the rules? From whom do we get the feedback? In reality, nobody cares. We work with the people, with all of them. But we work better with our friends. Like minded people. We focus more on those and forget about the others. It works, sure, but it’s not really the way to go, is it? We don’t know.

I have changed the way I act. I haven’t changed myself, but the way I communicate with others. In the past I did not always expressed my opinion. I sat there listening and thinking my part about the situation, but never actually said what I thought. Of course this helps you to climb up the career ladder, but today I know that this behavior leads you into the situation to just be a person like all the others. You blend in so perfectly into the environment, nobody will even notice that you are there. I am not saying that you shouldn’t try to be political correct in whatever situation you are, you should be that, but sometimes you should act out of the ordinary. Have an opinion and stand to it.

I can’t tell you exactly how to be the best team player possible. I can just tell you to reflect on your doing and try to improve in whatever comes to mind. Be passionate, be motivated, be different, be kind, be calm, be open minded.

See you next time!

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