It should come naturally by now. Come on, it’s just this one little post a day. What’s the big deal? And indeed, posting something or anything is easy. Give me 5 minutes and I am done with the job. But blogging is more than that, is it? It has to be about something. One topic, maybe two? Give us a story, your story! Tell us something fun, something entertaining.

Writing this blog feels unreal. I do it, true, but I don’t know why. There are million better things to do, but still I am sitting here typing these words. I am on a mission, but we all are. We are looking for something better. Something more entertaining. Something more of everything. We have a plan, an idea, a concept about the future. We are chasing our dreams, reaching for the starts, getting what we deserve. Or at least we are trying! Right? We give our very best! We try! We work hard! But does it matter?

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The last month have changed me. Physically but also mentally. I am going through some rough times. The second life crisis? Yes, sir. Is it bad? It is! Worse than the last time in 2017? Yes! But differently. Mental health, physical health, we are living in an open society. It’s ok to feel bad. It’s ok to be afraid. It’s ok to be different. But is it worth the effort? All of it? Where is the point? Give me a reason!

I get up in the morning wondering what I am doing wrong. I can’t accept the truth, but I am sick of pretending. I am who I am. I think what I think. I am just not the average guy from across the street. All those years I tried to fit into the system. Chasing after my goals, true, but still caring too much about the opinion of others. It’s time to change. I understand that. It’s time to be who I am. It’s time to go all in. It’s time to stop pretending and focusing only on myself.

It’s needless to say but the goal is to “need” “less”. We shouldn’t reach for it all, we should pick our goals wisely. It’s time to change things. Here in the blog but also in my life around it.

See you next time!

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