It’s easy to talk about it. It’s even easier to write about it. But who really knows anything about it? Top athletes, successful business woman, the neighbor next door? I wouldn’t say that I am special, at least not more special than each and everyone of us, but definitely different. Someone could be wrong by stating out that it’s an inherent thing, but somehow it is, at least in my case. It was just always there! Or at least since I can remember.

Two days ago my blog went three years old. I can still hardly believe it. The time went by so quickly. But that’s the sentimental side of me you will hear all about in tomorrows post. Just promise you don’t read it and now back to the topic. Three years is a relatively short amount of time, agreed, but nevertheless its at least something. 36 month, 1097 days, I guess you got it. Let’s just agree on: “It’s not that bad!”. But writing a daily blog for three years can’t be that hard, can it? I guess we have to add that the blog is not really successful, popular, or anything like that. It just consumes a lot of my time, energy and last but not least money.

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And how many people do you know that would still push through that hell? You see, that’s what I have described as different. I don’t know what it is, but I have this topic well under control. It was never particularly hard for me to suffer. And believe me, writing a daily blog for three years is basically the textbook definition of suffering. If I want to do something it’s enough to agree on that once. I want to do it, I do it, as easy as that.

But there must be a secret behind it, right? There has to be a short cut, a mind-blowing strategy, a secret formula. Well, there is! But telling you mine doesn’t necessarily help you to find yours. You can’t copy it, at least not entirely. There is one unique way you have to find, your way. Never giving up is an attitude. Pushing through is a mindset. Either you have it or you don’t? No! Either you want it or you don’t. Tell me your reasons and I tell you how often you will fail. Finding the right reasons isn’t easy, but very important. It’s the difference between success and failure.

It’s all it takes, honestly, a couple of good reasons added to another, engraved in our mind, repeated deeply and steadily. The sky isn’t the limit, we are. Pushing through is a lifestyle decision. A decision we have to take every single day on our way.

See you next time!

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