After good times come bad times so that good times can follow again.

Life is, at least metaphorically speaking, an up and down. We experience good times, we experience bad times. We often think that we are the epicenter of the things, agreed, but we are not. The war in the Ukraine, political decisions, covid-19. Recent events have shown how uncertain the future is. A crisis is a chance, but too many crisis make life difficult.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The past was not always better, but people do not understand. We just don’t like the uncertainty. Safety, security, call it what you want, please give us more of that. We are glued to our belongings. We are afraid about loosing it all. Isn’t that strange?

The future stays uncertain. We might see some dark clouds on the horizon, but sometimes also rain is needed. A wakeup call isn’t that bad in our current situation. Whatever is going on these days it is crazy, where are the people with an average sized common sense?

See you next time!

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