I don’t know why I can’t stand it, but what makes people think they should build ugly houses?

Is it a lack of talent, or a lack of the sense for esthetic? I just don’t understand. Imagine your neighbor would buy a car for more than 700.000€ and it’s ugly as fuck. Right! What the hell!? But why do people build ugly houses then? Can’t they imagine how the unsymmetrical mess will look like in real life? Don’t they have the time to care about this? Honestly, there is not a single excuse that comes to mind how this can actually happen.

Photo by PhotoMIX Company on Pexels.com

But maybe it’s just me noticing? Maybe I am wrong and they are right? I don’t understand. Building a house is for the most of us a big investment. But building an ugly house can’t really be on those people buckets list, can it?

If you will ever build a house, please, take one single minute and ask yourself how it will look like from all sides. I know, sometimes it’s difficult to obey all the laws and restrictions, but there is always a better looking solution possible. But maybe that’s just a German thing? Maybe the houses around the world look better? Well, please let me know!

See you next time!

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