I could write once a year, once a month, once a week.
It would make life so much easier…

But this decision is long gone. I have chosen my rhythm and daily it is. Not because I have planned to do it, it just happened on the second day that I posted something again and here we are, a daily blog is born.

But would I have the choice, which I obviously have, I would pick the daily writing again, and again and probably for a fourth time again. It’s life changing and that’s not just a saying. If you have never tried to do the daily thing, try it. It will blow your mind! Not because whatever you are going to write will be awesome all the time, definitely not! But because you will get to know yourself.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Whatever we do in life is neither hard nor easy. It’s how we think about it that changes the game. And so writing this daily blog is the most easiest thing in the world. I just write one post a day, how hard can that be? Actually it’s fun! Sure, sometimes I forget about that part. Sometimes it feels like work that has to be done. The project becomes this obstacle I have to get over with before doing other things, fun stuff for example. But is it worth the effort? Yes, it is!

In the last three years my life has changed. I have changed, life has changed. This blog plays a big role in that story. I have found to myself, even though I am not quite there yet. I have understood the way I think, the way I talk, the way I look at this game called life. This blog is the project I needed. The safe haven were I can just be.

Don’t try to do the daily rhythm, do the daily rhythm.

See you next time!

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