#1107² MEDITATION 4.0² – S6 E9 – LET GO

You can’t change the world today, but you can change your world today.

We can’t solve all of our problems by sitting around. Meditation isn’t the key to everything. But the most of the time we do not take a breath or two to think. We are getting absorbed by our tasks, feeling overwhelmed by whatever comes our way. We hustle from one meeting to the other, have thousands of things in our mind. We do our job but feel stressed. We enjoy our time but our body and mind doesn’t. We forget to breath, to eat, to sit upright.

Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com

Sometimes more is less, sometimes less is more.

Doing the things more consciously, realizing what we are doing. Not jumping between tasks like the Duracell rabbit on drugs. Meditations or the process of meditating isn’t there for fun, or at least I haven’t found it in there yet. But that is not important anyways. It’s about the implementation of what we learn on the uncomfortable cushion into our life. Can you stay calm and in control? Can you let go of destructive thoughts? Try it! Try it again!

See you next time!

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