The key to success is feeling well.

You might protest and can not agree, but at the end of the day this is the truth. I could tell you about working hard and trying harder. I could tell you about feeling fulfilled and useful. I could tell you so much about this world. But nothing is as important as feeling well.

Photo by Belle Co on Pexels.com

If whatever you do doesn’t fit to you, people will notice. And don’t tell me that you haven’t experienced that. A salesman in a store that can’t sale, a teacher that can’t teach, a driver that can’t drive. All those people have one thing in common, they do not do what they love. They are just doing something.

If you hate your job you will fail. But if you do not feel well by doing your job you will also fail. You will think too much. You will stand in your own way. But finding the right thing isn’t easy. Sometimes we think we got it but we don’t. Well, then it’s time to move on. If you do not enjoy what you are doing, change what you are doing.

See you next time!

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