Yes, it’s Germany! Yes, there are some roads unlimited. But that doesn’t mean you are on a race track.

It’s relatively simple. Behave, give others the room they need, don’t be a reckless fool. But in reality it’s so much harder, isn’t it? While the most of the people drive slow, even on free autobahn sections, a fast driver will always have one problem. Right! The other people! But let me tell you this, if you think all the people around you are the idiots, then you are the idiot!

The guide to driving fast is simple. The guide to driving fast and save is a bit more difficult. But the guid to driving fast, save and without getting annoyed by other people seems impossible.

Photo by Max Avans on Pexels.com

If there is too much traffic, decrease your speed and “swim” with the traffic. Sure, you can speed up in between getting slowed down by people changing into the lane right in front of you, but that doesn’t make any sense. If the traffic isn’t that bad, here we go. Switch on your light, even if it’s the middle of the day. Why? People may see you a bit earlier. Take the right car. Overtaking prestige does exist and if your car doesn’t have it you will notice that. Be aggressive but not too aggressive. Wait? What? Keep the distance to the people in front of you. Always! But once they change back into the middle or left lane, accelerate aggressively. Why? Because the guys in front of you will notice that there is someone coming up fast. A bit of engine sound helps as well, but not every car can offer that. Well, and then the only thing you really have to do is to think. Not only ahead, but also you have to think it all through. What could this next “idiot” doing wrong that may end in a disaster and avoid that through your actions.

But more generally speaking. The public traffic is there to commute from A to B and not to race the hell out of your car. If you want to do that, go on a race track. On the streets we are nice and respectful.

See you next time!

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