It hurts so much to do it.

I guess my relationship to money isn’t healthy. Or at least I wouldn’t describe it as such. I have a problem because I can’t do it. I can’t waste my money for useless things.

The definition of “useless” is of course highly depending on your mindset, lifestyle, and goals in general. While we are all somehow different in what we do and how we do it, of course nobody of us is really wasting money on purpose. It’s not that we throw it out the window so that our neighbors can pick it up. It’s rather that we do not always chose the right investing strategy. And with investing I don’t mean the stock markets. I am talking about everyday life investments. A new pair of shoes, our weekly grocery shopping or the next holiday trip.

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Spending money is a part of life. It is what we do or have to do in order to get something back. By the way, that’s the only reason why money works. We are accepting its value and respect it. But back to todays topic. Wasting money isn’t good. It can’t be good. Money well spend is good! But who defines the borders? At the end of the day it is us. It’s our opinion that matters. Our lifestyle.

If buying something makes you feel like you are wasting your money, why do you still buy it? Why don’t you stop? Why don’t you buy something more useful? If I have a look at my financial statistic, which reaches back a long long time, it’s the money I haven’t wasted that sticks out. Sure, I wasn’t dancing in clubs, I wasn’t drinking alcohol, I wasn’t much on vacation. But did I need all of that? And when your answer is no as well, that’s your way to go. You can not literally waste money as long as you have a good reason for spending it.

See you next time!

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