It’s a strange thing for a daily blogger to say, or maybe that’s already the reason why, but the numbers of readers is not going up. In fact, it’s rather quite the opposite.

That I invest only 5 % of what I have invested into this project before should be noticeable, agreed! But come on, where are the people that are checking out the old content? Is it really that boring? Sorry if it is!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I know, it’s a lot of stuff to read, I can understand. I don’t read any blogs, by the way! What a waste of time that must be. But why isn’t the project running through the roof? Is it too much and too boring? I guess that must be it. My readers do not get any benefit from reading it. Can I change that? Sure! But how and when?

After the last change to the BLOG² the statistic went down clearly. Sure, I can not compare my as a student with the life I currently live, but still. I have to change something here. And hey! I will!

See you next time!

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