Yes, you have heard right. I have four weeks off.

Four weeks in which I will do what? Finishing my book? Finally learning Italian? Or actually going on vacation? Don’t worry, it’s still me. No, I will not finish the book. No, I will not learn Italian. No, I will not going on vacation. Instead I will do what I love and that is basically what I already do every single day.

Photo by Mateusz Dach on Pexels.com

Four weeks is a long time. It’s in my case 29 days. Wow, nearly a complete month.

But what will I do? Well, first of all I have to get rid of my health issues completely. That has to be priority number one, of course! But what does that mean? Basically it means just that, I do what I usually do. Everything stays the same besides the fact that I can’t work. I hope I will survive! It’s hard for a person like me to not think about work. But my recent health issues clearly tell me that I have to learn it. There is no way around that.

It looks like the next four weeks will be awesome! Even without a Porsche in my garage.

See you next time!

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