This day will never come!? Show me in the eyes and tell me the truth. When will I be satisfied? When will I be happy?

That I am different was clear from an early age onwards. I noticed that whatever was driving the others didn’t work for me. I felt stupid for not being as stupid like all the others. I felt misunderstood. I felt lonely among the many. I feel not right in the system we are playing. How can I be happy if I haven’t reached anything important yet?

Satisfaction comes from expectation.

It’s not what you do, own or follow that influences your satisfaction, it’s your expectation. If you expect nothing, even just a little is already a pretty big deal. But once the expectations enter the room, the satisfaction is getting silent, more silent, finally totally silent. It’s not what you do that defines your happiness, it’s the smaller the difference between what you do and what you expect.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

If you do not expect any money and get 10 euros you are happy for the money. If you are expecting 3000 euros and get only 10 euros you are everything else besides happy. In both cases you get the same amount of money, but your expectations are killing the experience.

But what does that mean? Should we forget all about our expectations? Or should we accept to be less happy the older we get? No! Of course not! We just have to learn to look at life from a new perspective. We have to stop evaluating everything and anything. We have to get rid of our false sense for what is important in life and what isn’t.

See you next time!

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