Imagine you would have one wish for free, what would it be?

It’s not important that your brain is fighting the urge to say it out aloud! “Unrealistic! That’s not possible! There is not such a thing!” Ok, we got it! It’s one of those silly thought experiments! But who cares, let’s just do it.

What would be your wish? What do you desire? Money, fame, or a certain skill? What about more wishes? Or is that cheating? That was always my answer by the way. I wanted more wishes but that never counted… Well, today I am much older but the rules stay the same! You can have whatever you want but not more wishes.

It’s not real, obviously, therefore you can not really take a wrong decision but I bet I am not the only one jumping from one conclusion to the other. Sure, money would be something but money isn’t everything. Health is always a good alternative but being healthy but unlucky is also not that good of a combination. You see, it’s really tricky to come up with the final answer.

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

Whatever you desire, sorry, I can’t make it happen. But you can! So often in life we give up in frustration. We believe that whatever comes to mind is just too far away, outside of our reach. Technically speaking certain things might really be beyond our imagination but as Toyota said already years ago, nothing is impossible. Therefore, the fulfilled relationship, the dream car, the mansion in the south of France, it’s not impossible, it’s just up to us!

See you next time!

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