We can try to be different but we will always be different.

It’s our uniqueness that makes us unique. It’s ourselves who are trying to make us the same as everyone else. In those highly influenced social media times the process of copying and adapting might have increased, but it was always there nevertheless. We learn and adapt. We integrate ourselves into the world around us. And true, up to a certain point in life this is actually a good choice, but once we are getting older and should become more independent, we forget about questioning the status Quo. We continue to live this life others have lived before us.

Photo by Jou00e3o Jesus on Pexels.com

Not everything old is necessarily bad and not everything new is the best for everyone.

It’s not that we have to reinvent the wheel, but sometimes trying to reinvent something is a good idea. It’s not the outcome that matters, it’s the thinking process in your head. Asking the right questions is always a good start, but only trying new things by our own makes the gained knowledge stick. You can copy the path people took before you, but you do not have to follow the entire trail.

It’s our uniqueness that will matter once everyone is doing the same.

See you next time!

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