Gosh, I am getting old…

Is it really 7 years already? Wow! Time is flying! Am I still as hyped as on day number one? Hell yes I am! In fact I might be even a bit more hyped! Why? Because the more experienced you are the faster and safer you can drive.

In those 7 years not only the simulator softwares got better, also the racing equipment. Is the newest tech always the best? Sure, but do we really need it? No, not really! At least as long as you have a decent equipment for your goals at hand. Depending on your personal goals the racing simulator experience can differ quite a lot. From some fun laps after work to a proper racing preparation. The sky is the limit and the realism adjustments endless.

While I started for fun after I came out of my “last” relationship and had suddenly a lot of time to waste, things got more serious after a couple of years when I was driving the formula student race car. Since then the goal is well defined. I am on my journey to become a gentleman driver. I still have to work on the gentleman part of the job, agreed!

Looking back at where I come from, it’s amazing to see how much we can improve over time. As assumed, the learning curve was much steeper at the beginning but in the last years I could compensate that by my engineering knowledge, understanding car physics and driving techniques. In fact, learning how to drift pushed my skills onto another level. I feel much more comfortable to push a car to and over its limits and could avoid some spectacular offs.

In this series of racing is life we will focus on the lessons learned from practicing on a racing simulator.

See you next time!

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