I have noticed a trend in my formula student team years ago, unfortunately the trend seems to be everywhere these days. Just look at the political decisions made in the last two or three year’s and put the good decisions on one side and the bad ones on the other. No, that’s not a Microsoft issue, there are really that many “bad“, or should we rather say, “wrong” decisions. But who am I judging other people by their mistakes. I did a few mistakes as well.

The problem is not that mistakes happen, it’s the way of dealing with them that annoys me so much. Why is there nobody grown up enough to stand to their mistakes? Why is there nobody telling the truth? Because they are afraid of loosing their position? Of course, but based on that knowledge, they will never take any decision based on what seems to be good or bad for us, but rather for their career. True, that isn’t something new. The political world works like that. And if we really think about it, we are long used to it. The only problem? The quality of decisions is really getting down…

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

The 9 euro ticket, the fuel discount, the try to ban combustion cars in the EU in the future, the property tax change for 2025, the environmental bonus for hybrid cars and many more decisions I should mention here.

The future of the world, but especially the future of Germany doesn’t seem to be that good. The industry will suffer, people will suffer, there has to come a change sooner or later.

But why do we even care? It’s hardly our own fault. We can only do the best about it. Using the mistakes of the government to our advantage whenever we can.

See you next time!

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