My 4 week summer break was, … wait for it …, … wait for it …, awesome!

Honestly, I really needed the break. Not necessarily because of a lack of energy, but definitely because of a lack of patience. I wasn’t burned out or something like that, but I was struggling to keep my temper. Usually I am calm and well under control but before my summer vacation, well, let’s put it that way, I lost my coolness more often than usual. Things that wouldn’t annoy me other times really went on my nerves.

“Ein Mal mit Profis arbeiten!” Which means something like: I only want to work with professionals one time, is that really too much to ask for?

Photo by Mateusz Dach on Pexels.com

Of course I wasn’t actually on a vacation, so there are no fancy beach pictures coming your way. In fact, the last time I actually went somewhere during my holidays is so long long ago, I can not even remember when it was. Probably around 2016 or so. I am not necessarily proud of this, ok, maybe a bit, but I have my reasons for staying at home. I have everything here that I need. My racing simulator, my home gym and a pool. Heart, what do you need more?

But I used the time to get healthy, right? Or at least I tried to. Well, I am still struggling with it. Every day that goes by I am getting closer to understanding what is going on, but finding a way how to live with it, unfortunately I haven’t found it yet. But it’s just a matter of time! It has to be only a question of time. Time and my nutrition. Ok, and calming down and relax more. I have to stop putting myself under so much pressure.

Easier said than done… true! But I am really trying!

Did I miss work? A tricky question. If you think I haven’t worked during my summer break at all, you do not know anything about me yet. I have worked a lot, just not for my company. I was working on my book and various other projects. I wasn’t doing the usual program due to my health issues, but it wasn’t that bad either. But yes, I missed work. I missed talking with my colleagues. I missed the project. I could still imagine a better job than I currently have, but it’s fine! I really like it. And true, the next holiday will come soon.

See you next time!

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