Details matter? Not always! Or how many steps has your staircase? You use the elevator? Come on!

Not all details in life are important, agreed, but some definitely are. And if they get ignored, big consequences are waiting for us. Consequences nobody really seems to care about.

After the covid-19 thing hit, home office was the new shit. Today the pandemic is already forgotten. The what? Exactly! Today home office is still somehow a thing, at least in some companies. While mine has changed their regulation, I have experienced a fascinating thing. People in the office would talk about the regulations, a lot. Basically there wasn’t a single day they would not at least mention it somewhere. Interesting! And so I have started to wonder. Let’s assume every person in my company would “waste” at least two hours a month talking with colleagues and their direct bosses about the issues and possible alternatives. With 150.000 people around the world, that would be around 300.000 hours a month. Of course at least two colleagues are talking to each other, therefore the number should be even higher. But the number of people that do not like home office anyways or can’t do their job remotely will compensate. Ok, let’s better remove some hours. Let’s say 250.000 hours. Multiplied by 12 month that are 3.000.000 hours. With an average salary of? Randomly guessing? Well, let’s take the German average of 23,20 € for men. Now we are talking about 69.600.000 € euros. WHAT!?!?! And that was just one decision out of many. Why did I took the home office regulation? It annoys me, agreed, but you can use any other decision you like.

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

One small post, a new announcement, the impact is huge. Just imagining coming up with a new HR system. Let’s assume every employee needs a training and has certain questions and problems to get started with. Let’s just say it takes 5 hours for the average person. That are 750.000 hours in a large company like mine. That are 17.400.000 € euros just gone. And how much does the new system safe us a year? Hopefully it at least doesn’t cost more.

But where is the connection to passion, motivation & mindset you are probably wondering. It’s the fact that small decisions can have a huge impact on our lives. And we are not even talking about our work environment necessarily. One small decision in your private life can have a huge impact on your motivation, time and financial situation. Always be aware about the consequences of your decisions.

See you next time!

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