I’m told to relax more, especially when I do not feel relaxed after all. A task I struggle with my whole life. The present moment is just not really existing in my life. I am always look forward to the next thing in line. A behavior that might be wrong, or at least not very healthy. How can I ever be satisfied with what I do? How can I ever lean back and enjoy the moment? The simple answer? Never, that’s why I have to change something in my life. And it has already started. Indeed I have stopped running from one thing to the other like a hamster on cocaine. I take more time to relax, to recover, to think things over. But of course I have to change things at work as well. I can keep on hustling, sure, but I have to be more relaxed, more confident, more focused on the task at hand. In the past year I went from one thing to the other, working on tasks while being in meeting and the like. Sure, I have to get done with my tasks, agreed, but trying to do multiple things at the same time is not only very exhausting but also not very productive. There is always something I may overhear, forget, or do wrong. In theory it doesn’t even sound as hard as it feels like. But in reality it’s much harder than expected. But I am trying my best. I reflect on my doing every day and try to focus on just one thing at a time.

Photo by Andrey Grushnikov on Pexels.com

See you next time!

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