N: Our story begins with a boy.
L: Wait, what? Why is it always a boy! That’s discrimination! Why isn’t it a girl?
N: Ok, ok! Calm down! We will start again. Our story begins with a girl. Better now?
L: Perfect! Keep on going!
N: From a very young age she never had any particular interest in cars. In fact, she would rather do what all the other girls were doing. Playing soccer, playing video games, going skating.
L: What the hell? What is that supposed to mean? Just because she is a girl she has to have no interest in cars? What a stupid story! And what about those free time activities!? That’s what boys do! What a foolish story!
N: Hey! One moment please! Calm down! That’s the way of the story. I can’t change it just because you feel discriminated!
L: Me? It’s not just me! It’s us! Stop discriminating woman!
N: It’s not my intention to do so, but I can hardly change my whole story, can I?
L: I don’t care! I don’t even want to hear it any longer!
N: Fine! Then I will tell the story to myself.
L: Then I will go!
N: That’s childish!
L: You are childish!
N: But mum! I have to tell the story tomorrow in front of the class.
L: Sorry, Nina, but woman have to fight for their rights, always!
N: But mum! It’s just a story!
L: Nina, no!
N: But mom! It’s your job to like my story!

Photo by Victor on Pexels.com

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