The biggest critics should come from yourself.

Critics, or more casually described as feedback is a valuable piece of information you shouldn’t miss out on. Especially when we are trying to learn something new it’s the lack of experience and knowledge that slows us down. Others have that knowledge already but how can you get it out of them?

Allowing others to openly criticize your doing isn’t a common thing. Or how often has someone asked you to tell them the truth about their performance? Exactly. But people from different or generally speaking bigger backgrounds look at the things differently. They see and notice issues you haven’t even heard about before. They know about the basics way more than you will probably ever do. At least in the first couple of years to come. But more importantly than the outside criticism should be your internal criticism process. Yes, you have heard right! The most criticism has to come from yourself!

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Why? Because that way you have to change your way of observing and tracking your own performance. You will start to ask the right questions and look at your doing differently. At the end of the day the perfect lap doesn’t exist, but the process of getting there is always the same. Learning from mistakes, analyzing and trying out new lines, noticing even the smallest of changes, that is what will make you a better driver. Do not just waste your time while trying, take your time and get a basic understanding of the whole process.

See you next time!

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