Every day someone wakes up truly believing that sharing their story with the world is a good thing. No, please, go ahead! No, tell us! You go first. No you! It’s just… I wanted to say … that this might be the last thing this world needs. Content I mean.

The whole internet is full of this nonsense. Self declared super gurus, life coaches, you spot the scam by its name. Not everything is bad, not everything is good, but who needs all those bloggers, honestly!?

Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com

I write this blog not knowing why. I spam the internet with my thoughts. How selfish of me. But nobody listens anyways. I wouldn’t call myself a successful blogger. I am just a blogger. Doing my thing. Hey, who cares!?

It’s just not getting in my mind. How can we follow other people, virtually. I mean come on, in reality this would be weird if not even forbidden. But in our social media world we call it followers and influencers, oh god, help!

Nobody needs this shit. Nobody needs this constant bombardment with posts. We deserve better, don’t we?

See you next time!

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