You have to get the stone rolling only once if you keep the momentum.

It’s simple, physics I mean. What we have learned in class is also subject to other walks of life. It’s not all useless at school, so to speak. The thing about the momentum isn’t a foreign concept to us. We have experienced it. We know how it works. The only thing we do really know is the part about using our knowledge for things in life.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you have a good start into the day, the day will most likely be a good day. If you feel at home at that garden party you are invited to, the potential for an awesome evening increases. It’s not physics, it’s common sense. If someone helps you to get started in doing something new, your chances of continuing are way better. But why don’t we use it more often then? Why don’t we use that in every walk of life? Well, I do that. What a fool I must be not doing it. It’s for free, it’s simple, it works. I start the right way into my days and my days become awesome. Try it yourself! It’s great!

See you next time!

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