It’s not a part of the show, it covers the show. It prevents us from seeing behind. It filters out what is not meant to be seen. It’s a piece of fabric, soft, smelly, probably a bit dusty. Honestly, it’s just hanging around.

What happens behind stays behind. We can only imagine how the world behind the curtain might be like. How might it look like? What is this all about? And don’t tell me it’s about this curtain.

Isn’t it funny, the show is so distracting, we usually don’t even notice it. It’s just there, or was it? The curtain I mean! There must have been one! Don’t you remember? You took some pictures? Look, there it is!

Photo by Monica Silvestre on Pexels.com

A curtain separates what is not separated after all. He decides what we can see, suggesting that there is something we don’t see. A curtain does all that? Or is it just us interpreting what is not meant to get interpreted?

The curtain closes, the story ends? Or does the story never end? The show must go on, what if it does go on. What if the show never ends and only the curtain makes us assume the story ends? Is it just the curtain that is making the difference or is this just all just nonsense?

I guess we will never know what is behind the curtain until we take a look behind the curtain.

See you next time!

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