It’s always easier to say what you don’t want.

If you know the answer to the question of all questions, the holy grail in the Porsche world so to speak, indeed you can call yourself a lucky guy or girl! “Which Porsche do you want?” But reality is different somehow. There is a difference between what we want, need and actually can afford. The best Porsche commercial they ever made? “Keiner braucht ihn, jeder möcht’ ihn.” Which hits the nail on the head. “Nobody needs him, everybody wants him.

Maybe it’s just me, but the longer I think about this question, the larger my imaginary Porsche collection grows. A standard 911 to commute to work. Something quick and nimble for the track. A family car to go shopping. A classic car for the weekend. And those are only the most obvious use cases.

What has my available garage space with my purse in common? Both have their limits. And so in reality we need to do all those things mentioned above with a limited amount of cars. It’s the compromise that saves your marriage, literally. But what do I know, right? 27 years old and single for ages. But that’s a story for another day. Honestly, I don’t know what I want. I have a good feeling for what I need, can afford and like but I can’t tell you the car I should get. So, instead of wondering about what we want, we should start with what we do not want.

I don’t want a two seater. I don’t want a cabriolet. I don’t want a four door car.

That was easy, three random things I don’t want. So it’s going to be a 911.

I don’t want an old-timer. I don’t want a 993, 996, 997, 992.

The 991 it is, easy. But now it’s getting more complicated, isn’t it? What kind of engine? Manual or PDK? Turbo or naturally aspirated? Those are the questions I can not answer right now. But…

I don’t want a high mileage car, even though I will drive the car daily. I don’t want a car from someone who didn’t have the appreciation for what a Porsche actually is. I don’t want a fancy color.

Looks like there are still too many possibilities.

I don’t want a non turbo all wheel drive car. I don’t want the PCCB’s. I don’t want a 991.1 base Carrera. I don’t want a special edition. I don’t want to spend close to 200k.

There are not too many options left, are there? 991.1 Carrera S, GTS, GT3, TURBO and 991.2 Carrera, S, GTS, GT3, Turbo. That wasn’t that bad. I can work with that. I will use the car on a close to daily basis, therefore the running costs should be moderate. My current favorites? A 911.2 Carrera, Carrera S with the option to tune the car if I want to. Time will tell, I guess. Let’s see what the prices will do in the next year. But back to today’s topic. Instead of trying to figure out what you want, you can start by telling what you don’t want.

See you next time!

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