Whatever we do, we do it for a reason.

The most basic of tasks in life might be breathing. It’s so essential in order to survive, we do not even seem to question it. Instead, we have a hard time not doing it. Why? Because we want to survive, obviously. Turn it how you like, you will always find this surviving instinct of yours good reason to breath. But todays post isn’t about breathing after all. It’s about good reasons.

Without a good reason we do nothing. Sounds selfish, it is selfish, well, what can we do, we are selfish human beings. We are constantly looking for our advantage, for our satisfaction, for our personal joy. With a good reason we can do basically everything. Mothers develop superhuman strength to rescue their babies, others run for days straight in an ultra endurance event, pick whatever you like, you will always find a good reason.

Photo by stein egil liland on Pexels.com

Right now you are reading this post. Why do you read it? What is your reason? Do you have a reason? You always have a reason. You do nothing without a reason. Sometimes we are even doing things without trying to have a reason but then that becomes our reason. You see, it seems to be impossible to not have a good reason for doing anything. Therefore it’s never about the quality of your reason in other peoples mind’s. It’s always about the meaning of the reason for you.

My Porsche 911 desire has allowed me to go through the hardest of times with a smile on my face. It’s a damn good reason for me, maybe not for you, but you will have your own good reasons!

See you next time!

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