Being the master of your mind or just distracted?

When we focus on something, positive or negative, it doesn’t even matter, our mind becomes the opposite from being distracted. We have all experienced a moment in our lives when worries, doubts, or a silly mistake knocked right to the ground, at least mentally. The only thing that helps in a situation like that? Becoming owns own meditation master? Or simply getting distracted!

There are always at least two options how to go through life. Meditation suggests one way, today I suggest another. It’s not running away from your problems, that would be wrong after all, it’s just about forgetting for a minute or two.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Too often we find ourself in a crazy state of mind. Certain situations have a big impact on our emotional well being. We can’t always run and we most likely shouldn’t run after all, but escaping the situation for an hour or two, how bad can this be?

See you next time!

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