Cold, fog, low visibility, not enough sunlight to see. The birds are singing. The window is open. The glass turns transparent again. You should close it. No, actually you should. It’s way too cold. It’s autumn, but a cold day in autumn. You woke up early, too early. You can hardly see your neighbors houses. Somewhere in the midst of the fog must they be, must be it, the world we are living on.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

You are following your routine. A cup of coffee? A glass of water, orange juice? Pick whatever you prefer, it’s not changing the story anyways. The sun is still fighting its way through the thick grayish mist. Somewhere behind the clouds, somewhere far, far way. “The sun is always shining” isn’t just a phrase to cheer us up. The sun is literally shining, at least on the other side of this fog.

It’s getting cold. The heating doing its magic? You should really close the window. The day is about to begin, no, it has already started. Go out! Enjoy yourself! Do whatever you feel like doing today. It’s your day. It’s always your day, every day. The sun, it made it’s way! You can see the sun rays shining on your pointy nose. Time to finally do something.

See you next time!

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