Is there a crisis coming our way?

With the prices exploding due to the inflation rates these days, not everything can get more expansive. Why? Because when life gets ruff, we can definitely do without certain things in life like fancy cars, fancy holiday journeys and you know what else. And so, at least from my personal feeling, we will experience an additional increase in every day products, but luxury items will not show this trend, at least if those companies are not struggling already.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

But who cares about luxury items anyways, the economy relies on us spending our hard earned money. And that ain’t gonna happen these days. Maybe it’s just me saving as much as possible but I rather change my lifestyle than wasting my money on way too expensive products. True, I am not the average human being, but if people would end up acting as I think they do, the crisis will definitely come if this all continues to be like it is. The good thing is they don’t! So there will not be a crisis.

See you next time!

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