The bigger the company the more people talk. We all know that. But what you may not know is that the bigger the company the less people actually take a decision.

We do it every day. Taking a decision. I will wear this shirt at work. I will have this for breakfast. On an average day, as it seems, we are taking more decisions than other people do at work in a whole year. But how have we ended up there?

Taking a decision isn’t simple. Saying “yes” to one thing means saying “no” to all the other options. In life we can change our decisions, at work we can do the same, but nobody wants to decide in the first place. Too many people are afraid about taking the wrong decision. They do not want to be responsible, do not want to feel responsible, do not want make themselves vulnerable.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

It would be so easy. Life could be so easy. But nobody cares about that. The only thing that matters is not being responsible. They would rather spend thousands of euros, not their private money of course, instead of taking a decision they are responsible for. And so instead of finding a solution, we talk about “problems” that do not even exist in the first place. The only reason they do exist is because people don’t take decisions any longer.

I wish I could change the way other people go through life but I can’t. I wish I could change my own way of dealing with those people but I can’t. The system is sick from the top to the bottom. You can’t change the system, you can only escape the system and create your own one.

See you next time!

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