With the last 12 month of my life being rather ruff and exhausting, I have decided to change my lifestyle once and for all. Ok, to be honest with you, it wasn’t my decision. It was rather my health issues forcing me to, but you get the message. It was time for a change and so I have changed it/ are changing it in the moment.

But what is this new lifestyle all about? Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll!? I wish, but no, it’s still about having fun, enjoying life and the like, but it’s not that bad. Being a person that has to be in control of basically everything, I have to learn to let go of this behavior in certain parts of my life. The stressful hustling from one thing to the other for example. Since I can remember, my life has been this way. Doing stuff, doing more stuff, doing stuff more efficiently, doing, doing, doing. I am always busy, I am always pushing through. It’s hard to make other people understand, but sooner or later you hit some kind of a wall. You reach a certain point in whatever you are doing were you can’t go any further. In sport that is not an issue. You get sick, you get injured, the winter break, there is always something preventing you from reaching the wall. But in other parts of life trying to outperform yourself end up exactly were you do not want to be in the first place. The projects at work needed it, but I have overpaced for far too long. I have worked like a maniac doing the 10 hours a day. Maybe it isn’t this fact alone, but it made me thick. I wanted to finish all those tasks but I couldn’t. I was running late on everything all the time. And for a person who needs to be in control, this is hell. Now I have done all the hard work. I am way up ahead of the projects. I can manage to be prepared for meetings, I can avoid silly mistakes. But that is just the first step. I need to care less. I need to relax more. I have to remove all the stress and go back to the joy and fun parts about life and work.

Photo by Oliver Sju00f6stru00f6m on Pexels.com

My new lifestyle is to enjoy life. Doing what I want to do. Having fun! Living in the present moment.

See you next time!

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