Waiting for a call is always the worst. Especially if you do not know when or if it will ever happen. In today’s story it is the same. The protagonist is waiting for a call. Are they good news or bad news? Our guy doesn’t know. He is meant to wait. Hours, days, weeks, who knows. He doesn’t know anything. He only knows what he knows. It’s about a car. But there are so many open questions. Waiting is the only option. Waiting and preparing. Preparing himself, preparing for the call? That and mentally getting ready for the call.

One day has already passed, two days now, the third is on its way. Time he used. Time to reflect, to read, to learn everything there is to learn. Sleepless nights, mood swings, an emotional rollercoaster. Dozens of scenarios and possible outcomes running through his head. He has thought them all through. He has made a plan. Adapted his life. Is ready for the call.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

But the call ain’t gone happen now, now or now. He is meant to wait, meant to suffer, meant to go through this challenge life has put upon him. Waiting was never his strength. Waiting for good news is always a struggle. But waiting for news that could be good or bad. A different situation all together.

Maybe just maybe this protagonist of the story is me. Maybe there are news coming up sooner or later. But maybe the call will never actually happen. Time will tell.

See you next time!

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