In theory it’s as easy as it could be. Just man the fuck up!? How hard can that be?

We can’t escape the system, we can’t avoid mistakes, the only thing we can do is getting back up on our feet and fight. Not literally! Put down the battle-ax. It’s a metaphor. We are not meant to fight back physically, we have to fight back differently, more intelligently, after all, we are human beings.

The surviving of the fittest is not just a clique, it’s the rule of the jungle and a clique. A work environment can hardly be compared to a jungle, it’s not in Mother Natures interest what is happening across the office floor. The office has its own rules, the office makes its own rules.

An elephant at the waterhole is an easy target. Easy to spot, easy to take down, wouldn’t it be for its thick skin. Finally, we are getting to the topic. The elephant is just the metaphor for us. We are the easy target with the thick skin!? You wish! We are just easy targets.

Photo by Harvey Sapir on Pexels.com

Domination isn’t just a fetish, it’s the rule of the jungle. Mental note: Too many animal and jungle references today. Domination comes from dominating, having the authority to kick ass. A batch doesn’t give you shit, your reputation does the job for you. In the office or at the neighbors barbecue, it’s not who you are, it’s what you represent.

Surviving in the jungle can be learned over time, so a thick skin would come in handily. It protects us from difficult weather conditions, from tense meetings, from basically everything life is throwing at us big time. A thick skin would make life so much easier, a thick skin is what we need.

Is there a body lotion you can recommend? Just imagine it would be that easy. Mother Nature wouldn’t allow. Growing a thick skin shall take forever! And indeed, it seems to be an ongoing process. A body amour that can be build up over time, but dismantles itself any second if needed. The thing about the thick skin stays a secret. At least for today.

See you next time!

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