#1218² MEDITATION 4.0² – S7 E5 – HAVING A WALK

Sometimes having a walk is all you need.

Life can become pretty overwhelming sometimes. And with sometimes I mean all the time. There is a lot going on around us, deal with it. But that’s exactly our point! How can we deal with it? How can we lift off the pedal and slow down life, if not forever then at least for the moment?

I have rediscovered walking. Walking not in the sense of getting somewhere. But walking in a way to have a break from everything. Walking with someone or alone makes a huge difference. Walking with somebody is at least from my experience more interesting and relaxing, but walking alone has the advantage that your thoughts wander around with you. This helps to get a new perspective on what is going on around us.

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Pexels.com

And so I try to walk more often. With music or without? Always without! I prefer the podcast distraction. If you listen to the right one you can really get into the flow. And that’s all we need, right? Not necessarily but it makes it so much easier. The best is of course the non distracted walk on your own. Listening to the birds singing and the like. You know the struggle!

See you next time!

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