It’s just an average day, wouldn’t it be for the “T” that doesn’t work. My keyboard makes this funny noise when pressing the letter “T”. Funny may not be the best description. It sounds broken. It sounds like there is something wrong with the mechanism. So every time I press it the key falls down to the floor. “T”, “T”, “T”. The key comes back up with a clicking sound. “T”, “T”, “T”. You can’t hear it, I know. But I can! It sounds horrible! It sounds expensive. It sounds like something is wrong. Wrong doesn’t have the letter “t” in it. But saying this makes it so much worse. Stop writing words with the letter “T”. Oh my! That sentence was the worst. A writing mistakes. Damn it. I had to write it again. Avoid the letter “T”. It can’t be that difficult! Can it? God damn it! Damn it! Damn!

Photo by Hitarth Jadhav on Pexels.com

Words added in such a way, avoiding, you know who, is hard. A skill hard to do. God damn it! But wait! Doesn’t I have an MacBook Pro? Isn’t that a common issue? Doesn’t I simply have to move the button up and down a little bit. Like this you mean! Yes, exactly like this! Oh, wait a second! The “T” works again! Wow! Thank you God! I will be grateful for the next 5 seconds until I forget about it.

See you next time!

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